Six Benefits of American ginseng

    Allaying tiredness, enhancing memory ability , regulating symptoms of insomnia, dysphoria and lapse of memory.
    Enhancing physical strength, strengthening the organic immunity, inhibiting cancerous tumor growth
    Good for digestion, improving metabolism, benefitting to the chronic gastritis and gastrointestinal exhaustion.
    Tonifying Qi and Nourishing Yin, clearing heat and promoting salivation, good for conditioning body functions
    Good for blood pressure regulation, inhibiting arteriosclerosis, boosting erythrocyte growth, increasing hemochrome ratio
    Good for nourishing yin and reducing pathogenic fire, you can eat in all seasons.

    From the United States focus on natural health

    About Us

    Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc., founded by Mr. Kenneth Yeung inSan Francisco in1983, earned its reputation as a leading anddiversified company, specializing in themarketing, importing and distribution ofgourmet products, beverages, dietarysupplements, natural OTC topical analgesics(like world famous Tiger Balm), herbalproducts and teas; as well as productformulation, packaging and private labeling.

    Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. is aprofessional manufacturer of American Ginseng, and sets up a ginseng plantation inWisconsinto coordinate3 joint-venture plants inChinafor ginseng packaging and standardized herbal extraction. Its branches and distributorsexpands tomore than 20 countries around the world.

    To ensure the supply of her first classWisconsinginseng,Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc.scrutinizes tight quality and service control from their early growing stage to sales, andpersists inselling the pure ginseng products with the principle of honesty and pure ingredients.

    Therefore,Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. was authorized as the 1stsale member of “100% Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng” by Ginseng Board of Wisconsin.(Sale Number is 95US393N33)

    Prince of Peace® American ginseng has been the No.1 selling brand inUSAfor more than 30 years.




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      Ken Yeung – Fulfilling a Promise to Help People
      Recently, I sat down with Ken Yeung, CEO of Prince of Peace Enterprises, to discuss his personal faith and business. He has a captivating story which took him from Communist China as a boy to Silicon Valley where he lives a life dedicated to fulfilling a promise to God to help people.


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      Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. Founded in 1983 in the United States
      Prince of Peace® American ginseng has been the No.1 selling brand inUSAfor more than 30 years.
      Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. Covering more than one major US cities, more than 200 counter stores
      Prince of Peace Enterprises(China)Ltd
      Cooperation: 13302300953
      Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, No. 155 Linhe West Road Poly Plaza B2405